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Tank cleaning

Rotating heads designed for cleaning tanks

Emiltec offers many different cleaning heads for tank cleaning processes. These heads allow the user to automate the washing process and maximize its efficiency and safety. These products allow the user also to clean parts that are difficult to reach by the classic washing lance used by the operator. Many times without rotating heads capable, thanks to its spray nozzles, of producing a complete orbital coverage of the internal walls, it would be impossible, or very dangerous, to obtain a good result.

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The Atex certification is available, on request, for all the rotating heads that we offer. It is the most important certification in the field of tank cleaning. The Atex Directive has been created to regulate the equipments intended for use in environments characterized by potentially explosive atmospheres

The commercial staff of Emiltec has a long experience in the sector and is able to attend the customer in identifying the correct rotating head according to the type and size of the tank to be washed.

A wide range of rotating cleaning heads

The range offered by Emiltec includes different types of cleaning heads, driven by various propulsion systems:

  • electric heads whose rotation is generated by an electric motor;
  • pneumatic heads that rotate thanks to the aid of compressed air;
  • self-rotating heads, the most sophisticated: they have an internal gear system that allows them to rotate only thanks to the passage of water inside.

To maximize the effectiveness of washing, Emiltec offers rotating heads that work best with pressures around 100-120 bar. Obviously the water flow is a determining factor for the quality of the result but, unlike the rotating heads that work with low pressure and which require very high water flows to obtain good results, the cleaning heads offered by Emiltec can be effective even with water flows supplied by the most common pressure washers (15-21 l/min). It is an ecological solution, which saves significant quantities of water.

For which uses are they suitable?

The many different cleaning heads offered by Emiltec are mainly used in the following areas:

  • food and chemical industries:  for cleaning containers and tanks;
  • processing industry: for the optimization of washing processes;
  • car-wash: inside tunnels or gantries;
  • logistics sector: for washing truck tanks or IBS containers.

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