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Sale of pressure control valves


The best systems to control pressure

Emiltec is specialized in the sale of a wide range of high pressure water valves, which can be used inside any pressure washer or high pressure washing system. The valve is a fundamental component for the safety of the system. Reliability is always the most important feature, followed by the accuracy of the calibration, but other features to consider are the ease of installation and use.

valves proposed by Emiltec are characterized by an obsessive attention to design and construction details

Emiltec range includes valves designed and produced by the most well-known companies in the sector such as PA, Tecomec, Interpump and MtmTo find the most suitable type of valve for your professional and specific needs, whether it is a spare part or an original equipment component, Emiltec's experienced sales staff is always available for technical advices.

What types of valves are proposed?

The wide range of valves proposed by Emiltec can be divided into three large families:

  • By-pass valves. They allow to adjust the working pressure of the system. When the delivery line is closed, the water is diverted to the bypass and the pump works in low pressure. Typical applications: systems whose conditions of use include frequent opening and closing of the delivery line with long periods in bypass mode.
  • Pressure regulating valves. They allow to regulate the working pressure of the system but, unlike the by-pass valves, when the delivery line is closed, the pump continues to work in high pressure. Thet are also available in the pneumatic control version (VRPP) for remote adjustment of the working pressure. Typical applications: systems with multiple users powered by the same pump/valve or systems that do not provide for the closure of the delivery line.
  • Relief valves. They protect the system from possible harmful overpressures. When the regulating pressure is exceeded, they discharge part of the water in by-pass, thus obtaining a pressure drop in the system. During the standard operation of the system they normally remain closed.