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Industrial cleaning

Products for industrial cleaning: tailored for high-pressure washing machines & systems

High-pressure water is integral to many industrial processes, not just for washing, but for residue removal, descaling plates or bars, surface preparation, and rapid cooling. Catering to these needs, Emiltec presents a line-up of products and components specifically designed for industrial cleaning, ensuring compatibility with high pressures and voluminous water flows.

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Such high pressures and water flows demand an equally robust power supply. Safety, consequently, becomes paramount. Every product from Emiltec adheres to stringent safety guidelines. Representing the pinnacle of performance, our industrial cleaning products include pumps and components that can withstand pressures up to 1000 bar and water flow rates of 400 l/min.

Emiltec's offerings hail from time-honored manufacturers - the crème de la crème in the industrial cleaning sector. These brands have consistently aligned their reputation with top-tier quality and reliability. As a multi-brand distributor, Emiltec stocks components and spare parts for a myriad of machines and applications. With years of expertise under their belt, our sales team stands ready to guide customers in selecting the ideal product, be it a spare part or a component for assembling new machinery.

What applications are these products best suited for?

Emiltec's industrial cleaning products find use in a diverse array of sectors, including:

  • steel mills
  • mining
  • naval industry
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • building construction industry

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