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Industrial cleaning

Products designed for use on washing machines and systems that require very high pressures and/or large water flows

The water supplied under high pressure is often used in industrial processes and it is very important not only for washing needs but also for the removal of residues, the descaling of plates or bars, for the preparation of surfaces and for rapid cooling. To perform these operations, Emiltec offers a range of products and components capable of working with high pressures and high flow rates.

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High pressure and high water flow require high power supply.  The safety requirements therefore become even more important; the products offered by Emiltec all comply with the various directives appliedThe products used in industrial processes represent in many cases the top in terms of performances. Emiltec offers pumps and components capable of reaching pressures up to 1000 bar and water flow rates up to 400 l/min. 

The items 
offered by Emiltec are produced by historic companies, among the most well-known brands in the sector, which over the years have associated their name with high quality and reliable products. Emiltec, as a multi-brand distributor, offers components and spare parts for all types of machines and applications. Emiltec sales staff, thanks to the long experience in this field, is able to attend the customer in identifying the most suitable product, both in the case of a spare part and in the case of a component for the assembly of new machines.

For which uses are they suitable?

The wide range of products offered by Emiltec finds application in many different fields, for example in industrial processes for sectors such as:

  • steel mills
  • mining
  • naval industry
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • building construction industry

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