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MTM Hydro

BRV 31

Mtm BRV31 unloader valve

The Mtm BRV31 by-pass valve can work with working pressures up to 280 bar and with flow rates up to 45 l/min. It is equipped with two inlets and two by-pass outlets that make the valve easy to install in different positions. The body is made of brass. The performances of the BRV31, together with its versatility and ease of installation, suggest its use on washing systems designed to optimize space, especially high pressure washers or self-service car wash systems. The BRV31 is available in different versions: with yellow spring (140 bar), with blue spring (220 bar) and with black spring (280 bar), with or without knob, with or without the pressure gauge port.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 280
Max flow rate (l/min) 45
Body brass

Part numbers

231090090619 140 NO NO G 3/8" F
231090090719 220 NO NO G 3/8" F
231090090819 280 NO NO G 3/8" F
231090090119 140 YES NO G 3/8" F
231090090219 220 YES NO G 3/8" F
231090090319 280 YES NO G 3/8" F
231090080619 140 NO G 1/4" F G 3/8" F
231090080719 220 NO G 1/4" F G 3/8" F
231090080819 280 NO G 1/4" F G 3/8" F
231090080119 140 YES G 1/4" F G 3/8" F
231090080219 220 YES G 1/4" F G 3/8" F
231090080319 280 YES G 1/4" F G 3/8" F


  • Brand: Mtm Hydro
  • Available with integrated microswitch
  • Made in Italy