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VS 350

PA VS350 relief valve

The PA VS350 relief valve can work with pressures up to 350 bar and flow rates up to 25 l/min. The performance offered by the valve in terms of maximum pressure makes the VS350 suitable for use on professional high-pressure cleaners and washing systems designed for industrial applications.

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Technical data

Max working pressure (bar) 350
Max pressure setting (bar) 390
Max flow rate (l/min) 25
Body brass

Part numbers

PN Max working pressure (bar) INLET BY-PASS JIT DELIVERY
1160058000 350 2× G 3/8" F G 3/8" F Check
-- -- -- -- --
1160058924 spare kit Check


  • Brand: PA
  • The valves supplied are NOT PRESSURE ADJUSTED. They become a SAFETY device when adjusted by the installer on the machine
  • Made in Italy