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Super foam injector for car-wash brushes

TURBOFOAM, the super foam injector for brushes, can work with pressures up to 150 bar and with flow rates up to 40 l/min. It is an article designed to be used in combination with the SP9 and SP5 car-wash brushes. The super foam injector, thanks to the nozzle and the shape of the holes on the body, allows the intake of air to the passage of the fluid inside. The air, in contact with the mixture of water and chemical product, allows the formation of foam which, thanks to the nozzle, is "mounted" exponentially. The TURBOFOAM super foam injector is an item designed specifically for the car wash sector.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 150
Max flow rate (l/min) 40
Body stainless steel + technopolymer

Part numbers

216200075300 M18 F 1/4" M main body Check
216200075407 --- --- 1,6mm 075 nozzle Check
21679024 --- --- viton O-ring Check
216040000041 1/4" F M18 M closing fitting Check


  • Brand: EMILTEC
  • For the functioning of the article it is necessary to purchase the 4 components
  • Made in Germany