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Blow gun

The POWERJET gun is designed to work exclusively with compressed air, without water or chemicals. The gun transforms the volume of air into a concentrated, high-powered blast in the form of a flat flow. Facilitates cleaning and drying of hard-to-reach places. Silent operation. Reduces noise by 5-8 dB compared to traditional compressed air guns. It significantly reduces consumption costs by optimizing the use of air.

The POWER JET gun is very effective for removing dirt, dust and oily residues in places or materials that are difficult to clean such as:

  • car or boat interiors
  • ventilation holes and air conditioning
  • carpets (textile or synthetic)
  • under the hood
  • rims

To work, the gun must be permanently connected to compressed air which requires a minimum pressure of 4 bar.

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Technical data

Air working pressure (bar) 4 - 7
Air consumption (l/min) 254 at 6 bar

Part numbers

23888000500 M quick coupling for compressed air


  • Brand: Emiltec