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Knives head rotating nozzles

Rotating sewer cleaning nozzles with "knives head"

The rotating sewer cleaning nozzles with knives head can work with pressures up to 250 bar. The rear jets allow the self-advancement of the nozzle while the side spray jets ensure an uniform and complete cleaning of the internal surface of the pipe. The knives head version is suitable for removing small rootsThe rotating nozzles can be supplied with stainless steel or ceramic inserts: the use of the ceramic inserts is recommended in case of use of recycled or inadequately filtered water. 

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 250
Body hardened stainless steel

Part numbers

1712530.04K G 1/2" F 50x100 stainless steel
1712530.05K G 3/4" F 50x100 stainless steel
1712530.06K G 1" F 50x100 stainless steel
1712530.07K G 1" F 70x158 stainless steel
1712530.09K G 1" 1/4 F 70x158 stainless steel
1712530.01CK G 3/8" F 35x77 ceramic
1712530.02CK G 1/2" F 35x77 ceramic
1712530.04CK G 1/2" F 50x100 ceramic
1712530.05CK G 3/4" F 50x100 ceramic
1712530.06CK G 1" F 50x100 ceramic
1712530.07CK G 1" F 70x158 ceramic
1712530.09CK G 1" 1/4 F 70x158 ceramic


  • Brand: Emiltec
  • 6 back holes + 4 lateral jets
  • Back jets angle: 35°
  • Laterlal jets angle: 90°
  • Inserts included and calibrated to work with pressure and flow rate parameters indicated by the customer
  • Made in Italy

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