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Propeller nozzles

Propeller drain cleaning nozzles

The propeller drain cleaning nozzles can work with pressures up to 250 bar. These nozzles are equipped with a front propeller whose rotation is produced by the water jets coming from the front holes positioned on the nozzle body. The perforating power of the propeller allows cutting and milling the sediments inside the pipe. The propeller nozzles are particularly suitable for removing grease, soap, debris, mud, limestone and even small roots.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 250
Body hardened and nickel plated steel

Part numbers

1712700.01 G 1/8" F 14x27 stainless steel
1712700.07 G 3/8" F 28x45 stainless steel
1712700.02 G 1/2" M 28x77 stainless steel
1712700.03 G 1/2" F 28x66 stainless steel
1712700.04 G 3/4" F 38x97 stainless steel
1712700.05 G 1" F 48x105 stainless steel
1712700.06 G 1" F 68x140 stainless steel
1712700.07C G 3/8" F 28X ceramic
1712700.02C G 1/2" M 28x77 ceramic
1712700.03C G 1/2" F 28x66 ceramic
1712700.04C G 3/4" F 38x97 ceramic
1712700.05C G 1" F 48x105 ceramic
1712700.06C G 1" F 68x140 ceramic


  • Brand: Emiltec
  • Cylindrical propeller
  • Available with conical propeller
  • Available with drilling head or widia head mounted on the propeller
  • 3/5 back holes + 3/5 front jets
  • Back jets angle: 35°
  • Inserts included and calibrated to work with pressure and flow rate parameters indicated by the customer
  • Made in Italy

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