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Triangular nozzles

Sewer cleaning nozzles with triangular shape

The triangular sewer cleaning nozzle can work with pressures up to 250 bar. The specific construction shape, together with the side and frontal water jets, allows the nozzle to easily break and mill the sediments. On the other hand, the use of this nozzle is not recommended for washing plastic pipes and/or in the presence of tight curves. The triangular nozzle can be supplied with stainless steel or ceramic inserts: the use of the ceramic inserts is recommended in case of use of recycled or inadequately filtered water. 

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 250
Body hardened and nickel plated steel

Part numbers

1712369.01 G 1/8" F 18x30 stainless steel
1712370.01 G 1/4" M 20x35 stainless steel
1712371.01 G 3/8" F 25x45 stainless steel
1712372.01 G 1/2" F 30x55 stainless steel
1712372.02 G 1/2" M 30x55 stainless steel
1712374.01 G 3/4" F 48x80 stainless steel
1712375.01 G 1" F 58x110 stainless steel
1712376.01 G 1" 1/4 F 68x125 stainless steel
1712372.01C G 1/2" F 30x55 ceramic
1712372.02C G 1/2" M 30x55 ceramic
1712374.01C G 3/4" F 48x80 ceramic
1712375.01C G 1" F 58x110 ceramic
1712376.01C G 1" 1/4 F 68x125 ceramic


  • Brand: Emiltec
  • Available with stainless steel body
  • 6/8 back holes + 1 front jet
  • Back jets angle: 35°
  • Lateral jets angle: 10°
  • Inserts included and calibrated to work with pressure and flow rate parameters indicated by the customer
  • Made in Italy

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