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DLE 28

DLE28 double tube extension

The dual extension for the lance DLE28 of Emiltec can operate at pressures up to 280 bar. The dual lance is a special washing lance composed of two parallel tubes. By moving the side handle, it is possible to open or close one of the two outlets while the other remains always open. The normally open outlet is typically fitted with the high-pressure nozzle, while the other one has the low-pressure nozzle. When both outlets are open, the system operates at low pressure, allowing the upstream Venturi injector to aspirate the chemical product. By closing the low-pressure outlet, the DLE28 functions as a regular washing lance. This type of device is commonly used with pressure washers that involve the mixing of water with a chemical product.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 280
Max flow rate (l/min) 30
Tube 2 x 1/8" stainless steel
Inlet G 1/4" F
Outlet 2x 1/4" NPT F

Part numbers

232025400100 280 350 Check


  • Brand: Emiltec
  • Lance with bent end
  • Made in Italy