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L 84

L84 high pressure wash lance

The L84 high pressure spray lance can work with pressures up to 500 bar and flow rates up to 200 l/minThe side handle allows the operator to hold the lance with more stability. The performances offered by the L84 in terms of pressure make it suitable for use with equipments designed for industrial cleaning applications and, more generally, in work situations that require very high pressures such as hydro-sandblasting and paint removal. The high maximum flow rate (200 l/min) also suggests the use of this lance with washing systems intended for urban and street cleaning.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 500
Max flow rate (l/min) 200
Tube stainless steel

Part numbers

216203600400 R+M 500 G 1/2" M 1/4" Npt F
216203600401 R+M 800 G 1/2" M 1/4" Npt F
216203600402 R+M 1000 G 1/2" M 1/4" Npt F
216203600411 R+M 500 G 1/2" M G 1/4" M
216203600410 R+M 800 G 1/2" M G 1/4" M
216203600412 R+M 1000 G 1/2" M G 1/4" M
224030500007 Mecline 420 G 1/2" M 1/4" Npt F
224030500008 Mecline 820 G 1/2" M 1/4" Npt F Check
224030500009 Mecline 1220 G 1/2" M 1/4" Npt F


  • Available with 1/4" Npt F outlet for fixed nozzles and G 1/4" M for rotating nozzles