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RL 1000

PA RL1000 high pressure wash gun

PA RL1000 high pressure wash gun is designed to work with pressures up to 1000 bar and flow rates up to 40 l/minThe ergonomic design allows to reduce the effort required during the use and protects the operator's hand. The body and the fittings are made of Aisi 303 stainless steel.

Unlike many other guns on the market and which offer similar performances, the RL1000 is designed to completely stop the water flow when the gun is closed: by releasing the trigger, the gun does not discharge the water into a low pressure line like a dump gun. For this reason, the RL1000 must always be used in combination with an unloader valve. The performances offered by the RL1000 make it suitable for use with equipments intended for industrial cleaning applications and, more generally, in work situations that require very high pressures such as hydro-sandblasting, hydro-demolition and paint removal.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 1000
Max flow rate (l/min) 40
Body stainless steel

Part numbers

1130590000 1000 G 3/8" F G 3/8" F


  • Brand: PA
  • The lever is fitted with a safety latch to prevent involuntary actions
  • Made in Italy

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