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Sale of boilers for high pressure water use


Made-in-Italy boilers guaranteeing maximum performances and minimal environmental impact

Emiltec offers a wide range of boilers which are able to work with water at a high pressure. They are conceived for the installation inside pressure washers and car washing plants. In addition to these, we also offer fireboxes, that are autonomous boilers which can be connected downstream of cold water pressure washers. Our boilers are synonymous with safety and quality, guaranteed by the use of top quality materials and dimensions designed to obtain the maximum calorific performance, with a keen eye on energy saving and new environmental regulations, which means maximum heating and minimum emission level of nitric oxide in the environment.

What advantages do they provide? In order to increase the cleaning action of water under pressure, it is sometimes necessary to warm the water to reach temperatures enabling to maximize the effectiveness of washing. With warm water at a high pressure, you can achieve cleaning results that would be inconceivable using just water and detergent or a simple mechanical action.

Why rely on Emiltec? Because it offers made-in-Italy boilers, produced by the company Mazzoni, a world-known brand in the sector of professional pressure washers. Moreover, our experienced staff are able to support the customer in every phase, by proposing a wide array of items and suggesting the most suitable ones based on the result to achieve and the places of work.