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Sale of products for car washing and for service stations

Service area

A wide range of products and accessories for service areas

Emiltec dedicates a specific part of its vast product catalogue to those items intended for the world of car washing, which includes for example car wash stations and bays. They are articles designed for a specific use in the field of car-wash. They belong to this category, for example:

  • rotating ceiling booms for self-service bays
  • interior cleaning guns
  • special car-wash brushes
  • various equipment intended for professional users

The items offered by Emiltec are made by historical companies, among the most famous brands in the sector . Companies that over the years have associated their name with high quality and highly reliable products, essential for an effective result.

Why choose Emiltec

Because our customers find a wide range of products and spare parts designed exclusively for the car-wash sector. For many items we also ensure fast deliveries (within 48 hours of receiving the order). We know that a shutdown means a loss of customers and for this reason we are committed to satisfying our customers quickly and with an efficient service.

Our experienced sales staff attends the customer and advises him to always find the ideal product, both in the case of a spare part and in the case of an original equipment component.