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Sale of accessories for pressure washers and washing systems

Pressure washer attachments

Pressure washer attachments: everything you need to complete pressure washers and washing systems

To completion of its wide range of professional washing solutions, Emiltec proposes pressure washer attachments for pressure washers and washing systems in general. Within this category, you can find items such as pressure switches and flow switches designed to work at a high pressure, water filters, pressure gauges, floating valves and many other products. Pressure washer attachments can be used as a spare part or as a component of original equipments for the set-up of washing systems. The variety of the offered range enables the customization of any washing system meeting the specific needs of the customer.

Why choose Emiltec products?

Pressure washer attachments, such as pressure switches and flow switches, are useful for the completion of plants or machines. Emiltec only markets items of the best brands on the market, such as:

  • Tecomec
  • Mtm Hydro
  • R+M
  • PA
  • Arag

The sales staff of Emiltec has a long experience in the sector and is able to follow the customer in identifying the correct product, both in the case of a spare part and in the case of an original equipment component.