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Sale of hoses and hose reels

Hoses & hose reels

Ready-to-use professional solutions

Emiltec offers hoses and hose reels from the best brands on the market and designed to meet the specific needs of the customer, in any washing situation.
The delivery hose is a relatively cheap but crucial component for the safety and efficiency of the system. Emiltec offers rubber and thermoplastic hoses produced by leading companies worldwide and able, depending on the needs of the system, to reach very high pressures, to work with large water flows, to resist abrasion, to be light and flexible.

Hoses and hose reels for different applications

Each washing system involves the use of hoses. For this reason Emiltec supplies hoses ideal for various and specific application needs. The company can offer hoses designed to work:

  • in car wash bays and sewer purging applications;
  • anti-stain hoses for the food industry and light thermoplastic hoses to facilitate the operator's work;
  • spiral hoses for low pressures and hoses capable of reaching working pressures over 1000 bar.

In addition to hoses, Emiltec also offers a wide range of hose reels, from the largest designed for industrial applications and for the preparation of purging or fire-fighting vehicles, up to the smallest, designed to be installed on small or medium-sized pressure washers. Automatic and manual hose reels, in plastic, stainless steel or painted.

Hoses and hose reels: why choose Emiltec?

The sales staff of Emiltec has a long experience in the sector and is able to follow the customer in identifying the correct product, both in the case of a spare part and in the case of an original equipment component. The company offers hoses and hose reels manufactured to high quality standards to ensure maximum efficiency, strength and durability in every type of application.

Hoses and hose reels: the proposed brands

The hoses and hose reels proposed by Emiltec find application in professional work contexts and are suitable for continuous use. Emiltec offers various solutions, produced in Italy by leading companies in the sector such as:

  • Tecomec
  • Ramex
  • PA