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Sale of products designed for foam spraying and dispensing

Spraying and foaming

Products for the management and delivery of chemicals in low and high pressure

Emiltec reserves a large section of its catalog to components and items designed for nebulization and foam dispensing.  These are parts or complete units dedicated to the delivery of liquid or foaming detergent solutions: a complementary function to high pressure washing. To maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning action, detergent solutions are often used in professional washing applications, both in liquid and foaming form. Emiltec offers its customers a complete range of items for the management of suction, dilution, and the delivery of chemical products.

They find space within this category:

  • guns and ball valves
  • foam lances for high and low pressure
  • injectors
  • filters
  • dosing pumps and pneumatic nebulizers.

Why rely on Emiltec? The design of a plant, a machine or more simply a line capable of delivering cleaning solutions is quite complex. Emiltec staff are able to support the customer already in the design phase by proposing a wide range of items and suggesting the most suitable ones based on the result to be obtained and the equipment already available.

The proposed brands

There are many applications involving the use of detergent solutions, but in particular the products offered by Emiltec find space in the food sector and in the world of car washing. Emiltec offers different types of products, from some of the best brands such as:

  • PA
  • R + M
  • Tecomec
  • Ramex
  • Dosatron