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Sale of nozzles for water dispensing

Nozzles and cleaning heads

Quality components essential for the functionality of the washing systems

Emiltec specializes in the sale of a wide range of nozzles, produced by the best companies in the sector and able to guarantee professional performance. The quality and functionality of the entire system depend on this small component. The high quality of the nozzles offered by Emiltec ensures a correct water supply and a precise correspondence between pressure and flow rate according to the size of the nozzle itself.

The offer ranges from the most common nozzles for pressure washers to the most effective rotating nozzles up to extremely complex and sophisticated products such as cleaning heads for tanks washing, sewer nozzles specially designed for the unblocking of sewers and pipes and sandblasting heads designed to combine the power of water under pressure to the abrasive force of sand.

To find the type of nozzle best suited to your specific needs, whether it is a spare part or an original equipment component, Emiltec's experienced sales staff is always available for technical advice.

The brands proposed

The nozzles sold by Emiltec find application in various contexts of professional work. Emiltec offers different types of nozzles, produced by brands such as:

  • PA
  • R + M
  • Tecomec
  • Mtm.

There are also models produced by our partners exclusively for Emiltec and with our brand.