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Sale of motors for plunger pumps

Motors and gearboxes

Motors and gearboxes for the most common plunger pumps on the market

Emiltec dedicates a specific part of its vast product catalogue to motors and gearboxes of the best brands on the market, designed to work with the most common plunger pumps. The electric motors, the internal cumbustion engines and the gearboxes offered by Emiltec are sized for the powers required by the most common plunger pumps (generally from 1.5 to 30 kw). They are reliable, simple and safe products and they ensure maximum efficiency and durability over time.

All electric motors and gearboxes proposed by Emiltec have been designed specifically to work with high pressure water plunger pumps. They therefore represent the ideal technical solution in this field of application.

Motors: why choose Emiltec?

Electric motors are the most common type of motor used for pumps. Emiltec provides a wide range of motors for pumps of different sizes and speeds to meet any customer’s needs.
In addition to offering a vast catalogue of motors for pumps and products from the best brands, synonymous of quality and efficiency, our expert sales staff accompanies the customer and advises him to always find the best product, both in the case of a motor for pump spare part and in the case of a component for the assembly of new machines.

Motors for pumps: the brands proposed

Emiltec offers different types of motors for pumps and gearboxes of the best brands on the market, such as:

  • Ravel
  • Nicolini
  • Loncin