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Sale of plunger pumps

Piston pumps

Top brand high-pressure piston pumps for many applications

Emiltec specializes in selling a wide range of plunger pumps from the best brands on the market. These pumps are characterized by the highest quality, reliability and efficiency and can be used in a wide range of areas. Choosing the best possible piston pump is crucial because it is the heart of the system.

Inside the pump, the water is sucked in by the movement of the pistons and "pushed" by them into the high-pressure circuit. The higher the working pressure and the delivery rate, the more important the quality and reliability of the piston pump becomes.

Piston pumps: why choose Emiltec?

Obsessive attention to design and construction details characterizes all wash pumps offered by Emiltec, which represent the absolute world class in terms of quality. The offer includes spare parts and pumps from the most famous companies in the sector such as Interpump, Hawk, Udor, Annovi Reverberi, Bertolini, Comet, Mazzoni, HPP, Pratissoli. 

To find the most suitable piston pump for your professional needs and your specific system requirements, Emiltec's experienced sales staff are available to advise you at any time. We also offer spare parts for the most popular pumps on the market and technical support for repairs .

For which applications are Emiltec piston pumps suitable?

The piston pumps offered by Emiltec cover a wide range of applications and professional sectors, such as:

  • High pressure cleaner;
  • car washes;
  • fire extinguishing systems;
  • Special vehicles for sewer cleaning and street cleaning;
  • Setting up stationary washing systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries;
  • industrial environment when production processes require the general use of high pressure water for washing, residue removal, descaling, surface preparation and rapid cooling.

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