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Sale of plunger pumps for rapid cooling

Sale of plunger pumps for rapid cooling: the best solutions

Rapid cooling is required during most industrial production processes. In order to perform this operation in a safer, faster and easier way, industrial companies should use high quality and efficient plunger pumps for rapid cooling. EmilTec specialized in sales and promoting in both international and national markets the best technological products for different applications.

The best plungers pumps Made in Italy sold by EmilTec

EmilTec provides pumps by the best brand on markets such as Mazzoni, HPP, Pratissoli, Annovi Reverberi, Bertolini, Comet, Interpump, Hawk and Udor. The systems produced by these companies are capable of ensuring the highest quality, efficiency and reliability to customers operating in various sectors. Also, they cover a complete array of applications and professional sectors. Here there are some example:

  • pressure washers
  • car-wash systems
  • fire-fighting systems
  • vehicles designed for sewer jetting and street washing.
  • setting up of fixed washing systems installed in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • in general in the industrial field when the production processes require the use of high pressure water for washing, residue removal, descaling, surface preparation, rapid cooling needs. 

Solutions for rapid cooling processes provided by EmilTec

EmilTec’s suppliers develop high tech technologies and engineering solutions to increase the performances of the manufacturing companies located in the Emilia Region and in Italy. For rapid cooling processes EmilTec offers the Double diaphragm pneumatic pump G57, a pump self-printing which can run dry without damage, and the Flojet triplex membrane or the Shurflo triplex membrane, both electric diaphragm pumps with pressure switch.

Moreover, the experience in sales gained by EmilTec allows its staff to provide excellent commercial and technical support to customers during product selection.

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