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Sale of plunger pumps for surface preparation

Sale of plunger pumps for surface preparation made in Italy

The surface preparation consists in the cleaning and preparation of the metal surface aimed at the application of a coating. Choosing high quality and efficient plunger pumps allows industries to perform this operation in a more precise, faster and easier way. EmilTec is engaged in promoting Italian engineering solutions throughout the international markets.

Plunger pumps for surface preparation suitable for different machines and systems

EmilTec offers a wide range of solutions for different applications such as pressure washers, car-wash systems, fire-fighting systems, vehicles designed for sewer jetting and street washing and the setting up of fixed washing systems installed in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In general, EmilTec is able to meet the needs of industrial fields, which require the use of high pressure water for washing, residue removal, descaling, surface preparation, and rapid cooling needs.

Among the plunger pumps for surface preparation are:

Sale of plunger pumps for preparing surface: why choose EmilTec

EmilTec doesn’t provide only plunger pumps, but also nozzles and cleaning heads, guns and lances, couplings, boilers and valves such as the Mecline SVL60 relief valve, which is particularly suitable for the process of surface preparation.
The products provided are realized by the most renowned Italian companies of the sector.
The excellent relationship between suppliers and Emiltec, combined with the really good technical and commercial skills of its staff, allowed Emiltec to offer different product packages at high competitive prices and a complete assistance to customers during product selection.

More information on the sale of plunger pumps for surface preparation

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