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Sale of plunger pumps for residue removal

EmilTec sells the best plunger pumps for residue removal made in Italy

Counting on a solid network of highly qualified developers and suppliers located in Italy, EmilTec offers spare parts and pumps for any professional needs of his customers: the company brings the Emilian Technology and the best engineering solutions into the international market.

Sale of plunger pumps for residue removal: why chose EmilTec?

Emiltec offers plunger pumps produced by the best brands on the market, capable of ensuring the highest reliability, quality and efficiency to customers operating in various sectors. Some of these are Interpump, Hawk, Udor, Annovi Reverberi, Bertolini, Comet, Mazzoni, HPP, Pratissoli. In addition, Emiltec's experienced sales staff is always available for technical advice.

Sale of plunger pumps for residual removal suitable for all applications

The plunger pumps proposed by Emiltec cover a wide range of applications and professional sectors, such as pressure washers, car-wash systems, fire-fighting systems, vehicles designed for sewer jetting and street washing and setting up of fixed washing systems installed in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, EmilTec works for industrial fields where the production processes require the use of high pressure water for washing, residue removal, descaling, surface preparation, and rapid cooling needs.

Some of the solutions suitable for residual removal are:

  • the Pratissoli plunger pumps - KV series which are able to work with pressure up to 1100 bar. The pumps of this series are suitable for hydrodemolition, hydro-sandblasting, surface preparation, rust and paint removal
  • the Hawk plunger pumps - HHP 1450 series, which can work up to 500 bar and reach a maximum flow rate of 41 l/min. They are mainly used on industrial washing systems such as those used for ship cleaning
  • the Bertolini plunger pumps - CAX series which are able to work with pressures up to 750 bar
  • the Hawk plunger pumps - PXI 500 series which can work with a maximum pressure of 500 bar and can supply water up to 21 l/min at a1450 rpm
  • the Udor plunger pumps - VX series which are able to deliver water up to 200 l/min at 100 bar and up to 60 l/min at 350 bar. These pumps are mainly used on vehicles designed for urban cleaning and sewer jetting
  • the Interpump plunger pumps - 70HP series which offer the possibility of reaching a maximum pressure of 500 bar: the performances of these pumps suggest its use on washing systems designed for industrial cleaning

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