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Sale of plunger pumps for pressure washers

A wide range of plunger pumps for pressure washers

EmilTec represents the highest quality of engineering and production made in Italy. From the heart of Emilia Region, EmilTec offers plunger pumps for pressure washers, car washes, water systems, industrial cleaning and much more.

Plunger pumps for pressure washers: the best brands offered by EmilTec

EmilTec sells a wide range of plunger pumps for pressure washers, capable of ensuring the highest reliability, efficiency and quality to meet the needs of customers operating in various sectors. The offer includes spare pumps and pumps produced by the most renowned companies in the field such as: Bertolini, Comet, Mazzoni, HPP, Pratissoli, Interpump, Hawk, Udor and Annovi Reverberi.

The EmilTec’s selection of plunger pumps for pressure washers

The plunger pumps for pressure washers cover a wide range of types of product. The offer includes:

  • the NHDP 120 Series: Hawk plunger pumps which are suitable for use of single-phase electric motors.
  • the PM-CW Series: a Mazzoni plunger pumps that represents a cheaper alternative to the most common car-wash pumps on markets
  • the 322 Series: an Annovi Revemberi plunger pump, characterized by excellent versatility
  • the EBCW Series realized by Udor: it represents the best solution in different application contexts thanks to its compactness and sturdiness
  • the Serie 47-N by Interpump that can supply up to 21 l/min and whose maximum working pressure is 200 bar
  • the CK Series offering up to 350 bar, Udor plunger pump is particularly suited to high-performance professional pressure washers
  • the XLTI Series which include two different types of plunger pumps: one is mainly suitable for use on high-performance professional pressure washers and one other is mainly suitable for use on automatic car wash gantries, on small vehicles used for urban cleaning services or on misting and fire-fighting systems.

More information on the sale of plunger pumps for pressure washers

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