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Sale of professional plunger pumps

EmilTec, the experts in the sale of professional piston pumps

Water piston pumps are essential for the operation of industrial washing systems, in fire-fighting systems and in car washes. EmilTec brings to the national and international market the technological excellence of the Emilia region: it is an Italian company highly specialized in the development of products applied to different sectors related to the use of pressurized water, washing and industrial cleaning.

Professional plunger pumps: the best solutions offered by EmilTec

Emiltec is expert in selling a wide range of piston pumps of the best brands in the market. Its solutions combine reliability, innovation and high quality and meet the specific needs, in which is required the utilization of high pressure water, such as car-wash systems, fire-fighting systems, pressure washers, vehicles designed for sewer jetting and street washing and so on.

Among the category of piston plums are:

Emiltec offers a vast selection of pump spare parts and pistol plums produced by the most famous firms in the sector such as Interpump, Hawk, Udor, Annovi Reverberi, Bertolini, Comet, Mazzoni, HPP, Pratissoli. Some examples are the Bertolini pumps - WJC-U series and the Interpump plunger pumps - SS1 Aisi 316 stainless steel series.

Why choose professional plunger pumps from EmilTec?

With a historical and totally made in Italy production, Emiltec represents a point of reference for those looking for products dedicated to the high-pressure washing sector. The Emiltec company can count on the solid network of relationships made up of the best technical companies in Emilia and on the technical and commercial skills of its staff. Moreover, it offers not only solutions but also advice and assistance to guide customers in making the best choice for their needs.

More information about purchasing professional plunger pumps

Please reach out with any questions you have regarding the sale of professionale plunger pumps by filling out our contact form. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.