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Sale of pumps for car wash bays

A full range of pumps for the car wash sector

Are you looking for reliable, durable and high-quality pressure washing pumps for your car wash facility? Emiltec has the right solutions for your requests. In fact, our company specializes in the sale of pumps for car wash bays of the best brands worldwide, like Leuco-Hawk, Annovi Reverberi, Interpump and many more. We supply reliable and quality solutions offering a specific service which stands out for its speed, staff’s expertise and competitive prices. All products comply with the regulations in force in terms of operators’ safety.

The car wash solutions proposed by Emiltec

Emiltec provides its customers with a wide catalogue of products for car wash plants at profitable prices, with high-level technical expertise and quick delivery times. As far as several items are concerned, quick delivery is guaranteed (within 48 hours from order receipt), which is a definite advantage, since a non-functioning plant entails the loss of clients and turnover. Such a diversified variety enables the customers to always find the right solution tailored to their needs. Emiltec offers pumps of the best brands for:

  • builders of both automatic and self-service car wash facilities
  • specialized repairers
  • resellers of spare parts and accessories.

Why choose Emiltec

If you need quality, safe and efficient solutions, along with a reliable service and tailored consultancy to choose the pumps for your car wash bay, Emiltec offers all you need. The company has a long experience in the sectors linked to the use of pressure water, washing and industrial cleaning, and is deeply rooted inside the Emilian industrial network, which is the cradle of our sector. Our commercial staff have gained a long experience and can therefore support customers in the search for the best product, based on their budget and urgency, whether they are looking for spare parts or first-plant components.

How to ask for further information

If you are looking for further details about the sale of pumps for car wash bays from Emiltec, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form in the contact section. It will be our care to answer as soon as possible.