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Sale of Annovi Reverberi plunger pumps

The most widespread plunger pumps worldwide in Emiltec’s catalogue

Emiltec is a company specializing in the sale of products of the best brands for washing applications with pressure water. In fact, the company features a carefully selected catalogue of pumps and products of the best-known brands. Among these, it is also concerned with the sale of Annovi Reverberi plunger pumps. This brand is one of the most famous ones in the field of professional washing pumps and its pumps are by far among the most common ones.

What Annovi Reverberi plunger pumps are available?

Emiltec has several Annovi Reverberi plunger pumps in its catalogue. AR is a historic Italian brand, founded in 1958 in Modena, and is famous all over the world for the high quality of the pumps that it designs and manufactures – along with its professional pressure washers. Over the years Emiltec’s team of experts have forged important ties with the best producers, including Annovi Reverberi. This means that in Emiltec’s catalogue you can find many solutions from Annovi Reverberi, which is synonymous with quality, reliability and efficiency, particularly in the sectors of pressure washers, car washing and industrial cleaning. Among the available pumps of the Annovi Reverberi brand, for instance, you can find:

Rely on Emiltec’s experience

Emiltec is a historic company that can boast a long experience in the areas linked to the use of pressure water, washing and industrial cleaning. Located in Emilia, that is a central hub for the worldwide’s excellences of this sector, it can count on specialized technicians who are constantly trained on the latest technologies and innovations. The very good relations established with our suppliers, combined with the great technical and commercial skills, enable us to present ourselves as a professional partner offering a full product package at highly competitive prices, as well as consultancy and assistance in the product selection. Moreover, Emiltec can rely on a wide and continuous procurement of products, which allows the company to have a great availability in stock and quick delivery times.

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