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Sale of relief valves

A wide selection of relief valves for different uses

EmilTec is a trusted partner for industrial cleaning systems with deep roots in Italy’s industrial
heart. EmilTec knows the scene well and only works with the best producers all while guiding
customers through the sale of relief valves to find the perfect piece for every project.

Sale of relief valves: Why EmilTec

EmilTec’s deep relationships with Emilia’s industrial scene translates into great prices for customers as well as well-informed sales assistants to ensure the relief valve selection you make is best suited to your project.

EmilTec’s selection of relief valves

  • The PA VS 100: the relief valve for up to 125 bar and 20 liters per minute made in AISI stainless steel. The valve is particularly resistant to saltwater, demineralized water and aggressive chemical products.
  • The PA VS 80/150: a relief valve for pressures up to 150 bar and flow rates up to 80 liters per minute. Made in AISI 303 stainless steel, the valve is suitable for large water flow rates or water mixed with aggressive chemicals.
  • The PA VS 200: designed for max pressures of 180 bar and flow rates up to 200 liters per minute, the VS200 relief valve is for systems with large flows such as urban cleaning vehicles or high-pressure fire fighting systems.
  • The PA VS 450: a pressure valve for industrial applications requiring high pressure and flow rates such as surface preparation and descaling processes in steel mills.
  • The PA VS 1100: a relief valve for up to 1000 bar and 40 liters per minute. Made in AISI 300 stainless steel, the relief valve is for industrial cleaning applications requiring high pressure.

More information on purchasing a relief valve

Need more information in choosing a relief valve? Let us know by filling in our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to all your questions.