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Sale of pumps for electric motors

Plunger pumps compatible with electric motors

Based in Emilia, in the heart of Italy’s industrial scene, EmilTec forges relationships with the region’s best producers to offer competitive prices and unbeatable customer service, starting with support during the sale of plunger pumps for electric motors. Our team is ready to offer personalized consultation to ensure you choose a solution that meets all the requirements and specifications of your project.

Sale of pumps for electric motors: Why EmilTec

With its team of technical experts dedicated to helping customers find the perfect equipment for their projects, you can count on EmilTec to match you to the perfect plunger pump for an electric motor. EmilTec stands by its products, certain they are of the highest quality and that they are made by trusted member of the Italian industrial system.

EmilTec’s selection of electric motor-compatible plunger pumps

EmilTec is proud to offer two plunger pumps for use with eclectic motors

  • The Hawk FOG Series: designed for use with small fog systems, the FOG Series offers a reduced flow rate of 9.6 liters per minute with a maximum pressure of 100 bar. The plunger pump comes complete with a flange compatible with a MEC 80 electric motor. See the pumps’s technical data sheet
  • The Hawk NHD 120 Series: a plunger pump suitable for use with a single-phase electric motors on professional high-pressure washers. The pump reaches 120 bar and 14.4 liters per minute. See the pump’s technical data sheet

More information about plunger pumps for electric motors

Require more information about plunger pumps compatible with electric motors? Please fill in our contact form and a dedicated member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to all your questions.