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Sale of pumps for fogging systems

Hawk plunger pump for small fogging systems

A plunger pump is the heart of a washing system. Sucking the water through piston movement, the water is pushed into the delivery line. EmilTec is specialized in the sale of plunger pumps for fogging systems, with knowledge of the sector and attention to detail that translates into the world’s best products.

Sale of pumps for fogging systems: Why EmilTec

In the heart of Italy’s productive scene, EmilTec is a supplier of a wide variety of plunger pumps to meet a vast array of needs. With a finger on the pulse of the industrial world, EmilTec is proud to offer Emilia’s best performing products in the high-pressure water cleaning and jetting field. Boasting great relationships with local producers, EmilTec offers high-quality products at competitive prices. Thanks to EmilTec’s expert team, the company ensures customers select the perfect product for their projects. Interested in a plunger pump for a fogging system? EmilTec has the right solution.

The Hawk plunger pump for small fogging systems

EmilTec is proud to offer the Hawk FOG Series, a plunger pump for fogging systems made in Italy. With a reduced flow rate, 9.6 liters per minute, and a maximum pressure of 100 bar, the FOG Series plunger pump can also be installed on small pressure washers. For more information please see our technical information sheet.