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Sale of pumps for water systems

A wide variety of plunger pumps to suit any requirement

With firm roots in Emilia’s industrial scene, EmilTec represents the region’s best producers of industrial cleaning technology. We build close relationships with producers to not only offer competitive pricing but to offer our customers expert advice regarding all products on the market to find the perfect plunger pump for water systems, no matter the requirements.

Sale of pumps for water systems: Why EmilTec

EmilTec is a proud member of Italy’s industrial community and guarantees high performing Italian-made products including the sale of pumps and accessories for water systems.

EmilTec’s selection of plunger pumps for water systems

  • The CK Series: from Udor, this plunger pump offers up to 350 bar for high-performance professional pressure washers, car washes, city street cleaning, industrial cleaning, fire fighting and more.
  • The PXI 350 Series: by Hawk, this plunger pump is perfect for cleaning facades, removing paint or cement or cleaning scaffolding. Max pressure 350 bar, up to 26 liters per minute.
  • The 71 HP Series: from Interpump, this plunger pump is designed for high pressure, up to 350 bar. The pump is suitable for sewer jetting, street washing, medium-sized vehicles for urban cleaning and industrial cleaning.
  • The CH Series: from Udor, this plunger pump can supply 20 liters per minute with a maximum pressure of 500 bar. The pump is compatible with paint and rust removal, surface preparation, hydro-sandblasting and hydrodemolition.
  • The HHP 1000 Series: designed for a maximum pressure of 500 bar and a flow rate of 30 liters per minute. The pump is suitable for industrial washing systems under intense use.

More information on the sale of pumps for water systems

Require more information before purchasing a pump for a water system? Please complete our contact form and a member of our dedicated staff will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you require.