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Sale of plunger pumps

Plunger pumps for industrial cleaning, fire fighting, car washes, and more

A trusted partner for industrial cleaning solutions, EmilTec boasts a vast selection of plunger pumps for all applications, made by Italy’s best producers.

Sale of plunger pumps: Why EmilTec

From Italy’s industrial heart, EmilTec is a reliable source for the sale of plunger pumps for a wide variety of uses in the private and public sectors. EmilTec boasts a wide variety of plunger pump series for high-pressure washers, car washes, city water systems, industrial cleaning, fire fighting, and more.

A selection of EmilTec plunger pumps

  • The FOG Series: for small fogging systems or pressure washers, max pressure 100 bar
  • The NHD Series: an economic 200 bar pump for self-service car wash systems or high-pressure washers.
  • The NMT Series: a highly versatile Hawk plunger pump, this 200 bar pump is perfect for high-pressure washers or car washes.
  • The C Series: an Udor plunger pump with a maximum pressure of 200 bar for fire-fighting or misting systems as well as urban cleaning.
  • The CK Series: a high-performance Udor plunger pump with a maximum pressure of 350 bar for automatic car washes, street cleaning vehicles, misting or fire-fighting.
  • The 66 LP Series: an Interpump plunger pump that can supply up to 50 liters per minute at 300 bar for street cleaning vehicles, automatic car washes, high-pressure washing or fire-fighting.
  • The PXI 350 Series: for professional pressure washers to clean facades or wash heavy vehicles, remove paint or clean scaffolding.
  • The HHP 1000 Series: a Hawk plunger pump with a maximum pressure of 500 bar with one of the highest water flow fates on the market.
  • The SS1 Series: an Interpump plunger pump for saltwater, demineralized water and aggressive chemical products.

More information about purchasing plunger pumps

Please reach out with any questions you have regarding the sale of plunger pumps by filling out our contact form. Our dedicated staff will get back to you as soon as possible.