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How to choose the proper washdown gun

The washdown guns that we offer are special devices designed to deliver low and medium pressure water with heavy flowsDifferent versions of guns of the RB series are available. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the selection of the correct model when buying a device of this kind.

  • There are guns with a plastic body, that are cheap and light, guns with a brass body, which are heavier but extremely strong and durable, guns with Aisi 316 stainless steel body, designed to work in cleanroom environments. Then, you also have to consider the temperature of the water to be delivered.
  • There are versions of the RB series featuring special seals and internal components enabling them to be used with water at a temperature up to 90°.
  • Lastly, the availability of various colours allows the user to associate each washing line to a different colour, so as to easily distinguish one from the other.