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Function of high-pressure boilers

Understanding the role and importance of high-pressure boilers


Function of high-pressure boilers

The high-pressure boilers play a crucial role in a number of sectors related to professional washing, allowing the system to exploit not only the power of pressurised water but also the increased cleaning power of hot water. 

With this article, we at Emiltec will explore the operation, applications and advantages of high pressure boilers.

What are high pressure boilers?

High pressure boilers are so called because they are installed downstream of the piston pump. In fact, it is preferable to avoid running hot water through the pump. For this reason, the boilers offered by Emiltec can reach working pressures of up to 500 bar.

The importance of high pressure boilers in various sectors related to industrial cleaning cannot be underestimated. Indeed, they are essential in work contexts that require the dual action of the force of pressurised water and the enhanced cleaning capabilities of hot water. Most professional pressure washers are equipped with a boiler that can reach temperatures of up to 100 °C (depending on the temperature of the incoming water).

High pressure boiler components

High pressure boilers work by heating water. The hot water generated is then used to maximise washing efficiency depending on the sector, application and optimum washing temperature. The main components are:

  • Boiler shell: this is a cylindrical vessel containing the coil and the main boiler components.
  • Burner: the burner is responsible for combustion of the fuel, which generates heat. The heat is transferred to the water through the coil.
  • Coil: is the coiled tube through which the water passes. The coil acts as a heat exchanger by transferring heat to the water.
  • Thermostat: is the device that allows the water temperature to be controlled by acting on the boiler flame.

Operating principle of high-pressure boilers

High-pressure boilers operate through a process of generating hot water under high pressure. Water is heated inside the boiler using burners, which burn fuel to generate heat. This heat is then transferred to the water through the coil, which is designed to maximise heat transfer efficiency.

During the hot water generation process, it is crucial to control the temperature and pressure inside the boiler. This is done using advanced control systems that regulate the amount of fuel burned and the opening of exhaust valves. In this way, the water temperature and pressure can be kept at an optimal level to ensure safe and efficient boiler operation.

Key benefits

High pressure boilers offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice in various sectors. Some of these include:

  • Greater efficiency and energy savings: high-pressure boilers provide greater washing efficiency by operating at higher pressures, resulting in water savings compared to the use of low-pressure hot water. This increased efficiency consequently translates into energy savings, reducing operating costs for industries and commercial establishments. In this case, we cannot fail to mention the Mazzoni Big boiler. This product has a structure made of stainless steel, with a thickness and length designed for exceptional efficiency in terms of consumption.
  • Increased reliability: high-pressure boilers are designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures, ensuring safe and reliable operation. They are equipped with safety features such as safety valves and automatic shut-off systems, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel.
  • Reduced environmental impact: high pressure boilers are designed to burn fuel efficiently, reducing emissions and the carbon footprint. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice for industries seeking to minimise their impact on the environment.

Conclusions and Emiltec's role

In conclusion, high pressure boilers represent a fundamental and versatile technology, essential in various washing applications. Thanks to their ability to operate at high temperatures and pressures, they offer efficiency, energy savings and reliability, contributing significantly to improving washing processes and reducing environmental impact.

In this context, we at Emiltec are an international benchmark for the supply of boilers for use in pressure washers, washing systems and car wash systems.

Among the numerous products on sale, we cannot fail to mention the Mazzoni Big boiler. This product has a structure made of stainless steel, with a thickness and length designed for exceptional efficiency in terms of consumption.

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