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How does a hose reel work?

Guide for the operation of these products for industrial applications


How does a hose reel work?

The hose reels are useful and practical devices that allow for organizing and storing hoses efficiently. They are widely used in various contexts: from small to medium pressure washers to the industrial sector.

With this article, we want to explore the operation of these devices, with particular attention to automatic hose reels.

Main parts of automatic hose reels

To fully understand how hose reels work, it is essential to carefully examine the main components:

  • Container: The container forms the outer part of the hose reel and is made of durable and resistant materials. This casing plays a crucial role in protecting the hose from various factors such as dust, mechanical damage, and weather conditions. Its sturdiness is vital to ensure the protection of the hose and the longevity of the device over time.
  • Flexible hose: Inside the container, we find the heart of the system: the flexible hose. This hose is designed to be highly flexible and resistant to water pressure. The hose is connected to a power source, which can be a water source or another fluid source, depending on the specific applications of the hose reel.
  • Winding system: This part of the hose reel consists of a series of key components, including rollers, pulleys, and a winding mechanism. These elements work together synchronously to ensure that the hose is wound evenly and without snags. The design of this system is crucial to prevent kinks or knots in the hose during the winding process.

How hose reels work

Now that we have a clear understanding of the main components of hose reels, we can examine in detail the operational process that allows these devices to play such a crucial role in industrial activities.

Let's start the explanation with the device in its preparation phase, where the flexible hose is at rest inside the sturdy container.

When there is a need to use the hose, the procedure is quite simple: just gently pull the desired end of the flexible hose towards the area where you intend to use the device. During this extraction process, it almost seems like the device anticipates your actions. This is made possible thanks to sophisticated tension sensors that detect the movement of the hose, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free extraction.

You are now ready to let the fluid or water flow through the hose, simply by opening the release valve.

Once the activity is completed, to rewind the hose you will simply need to pull the hose slightly forward, triggering the spring which, when contracting, will activate the rewinding mechanism allowing the hose to wind back onto the reel.

Conclusions and the role of Emiltec in the supply of automatic and manual hose reels

As we have noticed, hose reels are extremely convenient devices and useful in many situations, as they enhance the hose's lifespan and allow for time and physical effort savings.

We at Emiltec are a reference point for the supply of automatic and manual hose reels. Our catalog offers a wide selection of hose reels from national and international industry companies such as Ramex, PA, and Tecomec.

Furthermore, in addition to supplying these high-quality devices, we also offer support and consultancy services. Our team of professional experts is available to answer your questions, provide advice on specific needs, and ensure that you have access to the most suitable hose reels for your applications. Contact us now for more information!