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Food industry

Customized products and accessories for the Food & Beverage sector

Emiltec offers a wide range of products and spare parts for the food industry, and for companies working in the Food & Beverage sector. Our company provides reliable and quality solutions with a specific service characterized by the speed and competence of the staff.

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Emiltec gives the opportunity to its customers to purchase a complete range of spare parts, components and items produced by different companies and designed for cleaning systems such as hoses, fittings, guns, lances, nozzles, cleaning heads, dosing pumps. These items are mainly produced in Italy and are enclosed in a catalogue designed to guarantee the customer a wide choice.

But in addition to providing a wide range of items, we help customers choose the best one for their needs. In fact, consulting is a prerogative of our sales department, whose experience in the sector allows us to attend the customer in choosing the correct product, according to the needs and compatibility with other items/systems already in use.

Safe products for washing in the food industry

In the food sector there are strict regulations that must necessarily be respected to preserve the safety and quality of the final products. For this reason, it is necessary to use articles made with specific materials and/or treatments that allow to protect food products from any contamination.

The safety requirements especially concern the use of items produced with materials such as Aisi 304 stainless steel and Aisi 316 stainless steel. These are high quality materials which, in contact with water, do not oxidize.


For which applications are they suitable?

The food sector requires a heterogeneous range of products, since within the same cleaning station you can find high pressure lines (washing), low pressure lines (rinsing) and other lines dedicated to the dispensing of detergent products. For this reason the range of items proposed is wide, to meet a varied and professional request, coming from:

  • installers
  • repairers
  • final users: in this specific area we also often work with the final customer (big food companies with a structured purchasing office and internal installers/repairers).

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