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A wide range of products dedicated to the world of car wash stations and bays.

Emiltec offers a wide range of products and spare parts for the car wash sector, in particular that of professional car washing. The company provides reliable and high quality solutions with a specific service that stands out for its speed, staff competence and competitive prices. All products also comply with current regulations in terms of operator safety.

offers to its customers a large catalogue of products for car washing systems, with competitive prices, high-level technical expertise and fast delivery times. Fast delivery is ensured on many items (within 48 hours of receiving the order). This represents an undoubted advantage, since a shutdown leads to loss of customers and turnover. Emiltec knows this very well, and for this reason it is committed to providing a quick, lean and efficient service.

a varied offer allows the customer to find the right solution tailored to its needs. Our sales staff has a long experience in the sector and can attend the customer in the search for the best product, depending on budget and urgency, both in the case of a spare part and in the case of a component for the assembly of new machines.

which applications are they suitable?

articles are mainly proposed by Emiltec to:

  • manufacturers of car wash systems, both automatic and self-service
  • specialized repairers
  • dealers of spare parts and accessories.

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