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Products for high water flows and applications in public areas

Emiltec offers a wide range of products designed to work with high water flows . They are components and items that are particularly suitable for public and municipal environments, for example in the unblocking of pipes or in the washing of roads and public areas - work contexts where large quantities of water are more commonly needed. All Emiltec products comply with the various applicable European directives.

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The items and components available are mainly produced in Italy and recognized for their high quality and high efficiency standards. Emiltec allows the customer to purchase products of various brands at competitive prices, choosing a single highly professional interlocutor for the purchase of different solutions.

Emiltec sales staff has a long experience in the sector and able to always indicate to the customer the product that best suits his needs, whether it is, a spare part or an original equipment component.

For which uses are they suitable?

The solutions proposed by Emiltec for municipal applications are suitable for professional and qualified users. In particular, the solutions proposed here are indicated for:

  • fitters, repairers and retailers who offer products and / or services also to the Public Administration and the various Municipalities
  • preparation of vehicles designed for sewer jetting applications or for washing urban areas such as roads, sidewalks and facades of public buildings

Why choose Emiltec?

For the high quality of the products offered , which is reflected in the performances, resistance and reliability of the components - essential requirements in delicate applications such as municipal ones. Vehicles used for sewer jetting and washing public areas are normally equipped with pumps that supply large water flows (up to 300 l/min). The powers involved are very high and the quality of the components used in these systems is even more important to ensure the safety of the operators and the protection of the mechanical systems.

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