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MEG nozzles 1415

1/4" high pressure 15° flat fan MEG style nozzles

The MEG style nozzles are designed for high pressure washing. The accuracy of the internal profile allows a uniform distribution of the spray jet, ensuring maximum effectiveness of the cleaning action. The MEG style nozzles are made of Aisi 416 stainless steel and subjected to a hardening process: this treatment ensures high resistance to wear. The performances offered by the MEG nozzles make them suitable for use with professional high-pressure cleanerswith car-wash systems and, more generally, with any system disegned to dispense water with pressures up to 250 bar.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 250
Body stainless steel
Inlet Npt 1/4" M
Spray angle 15°

Part numbers

48FHB1460C2 02 Check
48FHB1560C2 025 Check
48FHB1686C2 03 Check
48FHB1812C2 035 Check
48FHB1930C2 04 Check
48FHB2103C2 045 Check
48FHB2116C2 05 Check
48FHB2126C2 055 Check
48FHB2138C2 06 Check
48FHB2149C2 065 Check
48FHB2160C2 07 Check
48FHB2181C2 08 Check
48FHB2204C2 09 Check
48FHB2230C2 10 Check
48FHB2248C2 11 Check
48FHB2272C2 12 Check
48FHB2296C2 13 Check
48FHB2341C2 15 Check
48FHB2410C2 18 Check
48FHB2456C2 20 Check
48FHB2567C2 25 Check


  • Brand: Emiltec
  • Available with Bsp thread inlet
  • Made in Italy