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R+M Suttner

ST 78

ST78 variable spray angle lance

The R+M ST78 variable jet wash lance can work with pressures up to 150 bar and flow rates up to 80 l/min. The peculiarity of this lance is given by the possibility of adjusting the spray angle through the handle (even when the gun is open). This allows the operator to switch from a pencill jet, which favors power and distance, to a fan jet, which allows to cover larger surfaces. The ST78 variable jet lance is the ideal solution for urban/street cleaning applications that require extremely versatile devices in order to respond to different washing needs. It can also be used with small firefighting vehicles equipped with a high pressure pump used to deliver water mixed with special additives.

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Technical data

Max pressure (bar) 150
Max flow rate (l/min) 80
Tube stainless steel

Part numbers

21620007852025 ST 2730 G 1/2" F nozzle size 2,5mm
21620007852035 ST 2730 G 1/2" F nozzle size 3,5mm
216200078520 ST 2730 G 1/2" F nozzle holder M15x1


  • Brand: R+M
  • The lever is fitted with a safety latch to prevent involuntary actions
  • Made in Germany

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