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Brass water suction strainer

The FYO Y-shape water filter is equipped with a 50 mesh net. The cartridge is made of Aisi 304 stainless steel while the body is made of brass. The FYO filter can work with flow rates up to 70 l/min.

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Technical data

Filtration standard 45 mesh - 400 µm
Max pressure (bar) 12
Body brass

Part numbers

PN INLET OUTLET Max flow rate (l/min) JIT DELIVERY
1128016000 G 3/8" F G 3/8" F 30
1128016200 G 1/2" F G 1/2" F 40
1128016400 G 3/4" F G 3/4" F 70


  • Brand: PA
  • Made in Italy