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Tips for Piston Pump Maintenance

Learn the 10 key points for piston pump maintenance. Advice from Emiltec experts for maximum efficiency and durability. Genuine spare parts and service.


Tips for Piston Pump Maintenance

Piston pumps are essential components for transferring liquids in various applications, from pressure washers to car wash systems. To avoid unpleasant surprises during periods of intense work, it is crucial to perform simple but thorough maintenance.

In this article, the experts at Emiltec will guide you through the 10 key points for keeping your piston pumps, available in our catalog, always at peak efficiency, extending their lifespan and reducing downtime.

Proper Management for High-Pressure Piston Pumps

Maintenance of high-pressure piston pumps is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the equipment's useful life. Whether it's a piston pump for a pressure washer or a piston pump for industrial applications, following a regular maintenance checklist is essential for preventing breakdowns and maintaining operational efficiency.

Maintenance of Piston Pumps for Car Washes

In the car wash industry, maintenance of piston pumps plays a key role in ensuring quality service and reducing downtime. Proper maintenance of car wash pumps includes regular component checks, timely replacement of worn parts, and the use of industry-specific products, such as the high-performance oils recommended by Emiltec for specific products.

How to Keep a Piston Pump at Peak Efficiency:

1. Checking the Oil Level

  • Check the oil level using the appropriate sight glass
  • Top up if necessary, using the oil recommended by the manufacturer

2. Valve Box Inspection

  • Open the valve box and check that the gasket is clean and intact
  • Replace the gasket if damaged to prevent leaks and malfunctions

3. Valve Check

  • Check the surface integrity of each valve
  • Shake the valves to verify that the steel core is securely attached to the outer rubber part
  • Replace worn or damaged valves with genuine Emiltec spare parts

4. Valve Seat Check

  • Verify that the valve seats are smooth and free of irregularities
  • Check for the absence of foreign bodies in the manifold under the lower valves, which could cause a reduction in flow rate

5. Gland Box Maintenance

  • The gland box prevents leakage of pumped liquid between the piston rod and the cylinder
  • If leaks are noticed, tighten the ring nut
  • If the problem persists, replace the Teflon packing cord

6. Drive Belt Tension Check

  • Check that the drive belt is properly tensioned
  • If necessary, increase the tension by adjusting the appropriate screw

7. Pump Flow Rate Check

  • Verify that the pump delivers the rated flow
  • If performance is lower, it is likely that the piston seals are worn and need to be replaced

8. Oil Change

  • After the first 50 hours of use, perform the first oil change
  • Subsequently, change the oil every 500 hours of operation
  • Use high-quality oils, such as SAE 15W-40 or equivalent
  • Perform the oil change with the pump stopped, draining the oil from the lower drain plug
  • Replace the oil drain plug gasket every time it is removed

9. Valve Replacement

  • Every 1000 hours of operation, replace the pump valves
  • Pay attention to the type of thread locking adhesive to be used on the valve closing plugs (see technical manual)
  • Rely on genuine Emiltec spare parts to ensure maximum compatibility and durability

10. Replacement of Piston Sealing Rings

  • Every 1000 hours of operation, replace the piston sealing rings
  • Use genuine Emiltec spare parts to ensure a perfect seal and prevent leakage

The Importance of Genuine Spare Parts and Specialized Assistance

For effective maintenance of piston pumps, whether for pressure washers or high-pressure applications, it is essential to rely on genuine spare parts and the assistance of technicians specialized in piston pumps. Genuine Emiltec spare parts guarantee perfect compatibility and long-term durability, while our team of experts is always available to offer technical advice, support in selecting components, and scheduled maintenance services.

Conclusion and Emiltec's Role

Following this comprehensive checklist for piston pump maintenance will allow you to keep your equipment in perfect working order at all times, extending its useful life and reducing downtime.

Whether it's a piston pump for a pressure washer, a high-pressure pump, or a car wash pump, Emiltec is your piston pump distributor, as well as a reliable partner for genuine spare parts and specialized assistance. Rely on our expertise to optimize the performance of your piston pumps and ensure the maximum productivity of your business.