EMILTEC, EMILian TEChnology.

These two words that build  our brand, contain the total meaning of our job: promotion and international marketing of the thechnolgical best performances from our region, Emilia.
Emiltec is  deeply settled in the industrial area in the  Emilia region.
Thanks to the high quality relationships we have built  with our suppliers combined with our team technical and commercal skills, we are able to offer not only high professionality and very competitive products but also consulting and support in choosing the right product following the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

The products we offer are used mainly in areas related to the use of water under pressure and for the supply and distribution of fluids.
Many Emilian manifacturing companies work in this field , but only some of them have been keeping the authentic identity during the years: engineering and production Made In Italy.
These companies represent  Emiltec’s partners team today.

We are aware we can count on  high quality products and excellent service, readiness in exchanging informations between customers and suppliers and, not least, our warehouse location: in the centre of a highly industrial area where every kind of product can be obtained, these are the reasons why we are looking confidently ahead .
Future is about to bring important challenges for the whole Italian industrial system and we feel proud of being part of it.




EMILIA, passion and craftmanship

Emilia: where the passion and craftsmanship are combined with the efficiency and safety of the most advanced industrialization.

Everyone knows that this region of Northern Italy is the land of fast motorbikes and the most beautiful cars in the world, is the land of specialty food consumed in every corner of the planet, such as Parmesan cheese or ham, but Emilia is not only this.

In this land, enclosed between "Po" river and "Appennini" mountain chain, the mechanical industry has developed following the culture and tradition of quality, firstly producing products to support agriculture and animal husbandry and subsequently transferring the pursuit of excellence in several other areas.

At the beginning of the last century began the production of the legendary "hot-head" tractors, able to work with any fuel.
They provided energy not only for plowing, but for every need in farming. Today, many local companies are specialized in the production of high quality components that are used by the largest global manufacturers of tractors for the construction of their machines
 Motor cultivators and lawn mowers of brilliant simplicity, driven by light diesel engines, were born here and are now exported worldwide.

The quick spread of agriculture and animal husbandry occurred in the last century involved the movement of large volumes of water, which is why that Emilia has become the land of the pumps: initially designed to meet irrigation needs they have been consequently developed looking at other sectors.
Reggio Emilia province especially is now the main industrial center in the world for high pressure cleaning systems and components and for all those applications that require the use of water at high pressure.